If you have a smartphone, then you may have heard that more and more people suggest you buying a glass screen protection. And it is understandable that you do not want to purchase it until you do not find more details about it. Well, you should know that a tempered glass, is controlled by thermal and chemical treatments with the purpose to increase its strength. During the manufacturing process, the glass is heated and rapidly cooled, by using multiple blowers. One surface of the glass is cooled rapidly, because it is put in compression, and the other surface is put in tension. Because the process is so complex, the glass will be 10 times stronger than a plastic screen cover, and this is why people prefer it instead of any other option. If you want to find a phone glass screen, then you should check the products listed by http://blog.mobilemob.com.au/, because they offer on sale screens for different models of phones.

The glass screen protector can save your real screen

If you choose to install a glass screen protector on your screen, you protect it, because it is similarly as having a second screen. This add-on accessory will take the debris, dirt, and beating from your keys, and it will protect the screen from wear and tear. Also, you already know that accidents can happen, so you do not want to spend a lot of money on repairing the screen, when you can protect it, and avoid any damage. You will have no issues in finding online the right screen protector for your phone, so you should check the offers.

Say goodbye to scratches

When you first receive your phone, you place it carefully into your pocket, and you take great care of it, but you know that you cannot avoid situations as scraping your keys against its screen. If you choose to install glass protection, then it will leave the phone screen looking new and without any scratches. And the scratches not only that look ugly, but in time they will also weaken the screen of the device drastically, so you want to avoid dealing with this issue. Moreover, if you want to resell it, you can be sure that you will not get the price you want if the screen features scratches.

You avoid spider cracks

It is common to drop your phone, and there are cases when you think it is safe, because it does not feature any visible scratches, Well, you should know that at every impact, the screen develops micro-fractures and in time they will weaken the screen. You may have heard many people saying that they dropped their phones many times and they did not damaged, and one day they dropped the mobile on the carpet and the screen got a spider web crack. Also, the glass screen protection will help your prevent hardware malfunctions, because it will act similarly to a helmet, it protects the circuits from inside the phone. With glass screen, you can be sure that the fractures will occur on it and not on the actual screen, so it will prolong your phone’s lifetime.