Stickers have been around for decades playing an important role in political campaigns, marketing, company start-ups, brand promotion and even becoming a conversation starter. Despite their affordability and reliability, business owners nowadays seem to overlook the possibility of increasing brand exposure by opting for stickers, which obviously represents a huge mistake. After all, the goal of any business owner is to render a message and reach out to current and prospective customers without wasting too much time and money. Promoting a business is never this easy: this might be a common thought running through their mind. Indeed, it is unbelievably simple, cheap and effective, but it is real and it truly deserves more attention. Probably, a valid explanation for business owners forgetting about this method is the appearance of more advanced marketing tools. Since they want to engage the new generation, they prefer to embrace modern advertising and promotion strategies.

Reasons to use stickers as a promotional strategy

This article has the purpose to surface the main benefits provided by stickers as well as tips regarding their strategic use. First, we must tackle the evolution of stickers. Even though most people are used to the traditional bumper stickers, which are white and rectangular, Kiasu Print is one of the multitude of companies that create promotional stickers of different sizes and shapes. You can apply them on laptops, phones, water bottles, windows and more. By choosing a unique design and distributing them properly, you will undoubtedly start conversations online while still benefiting from word of mouth marketing, thus enjoying low-cost brand exposure. The most incredible thing about stickers is that, although your main goal as a business owner is to use them strategically for increasing your customer base, people do not necessarily perceive them the same way. Instead, they view them as personal endorsements for a message or product. In comparison to other business materials like business cards, flyers and brochures, stickers have a different value because people see them as a gift instead of promotional products. After you place them efficiently and tastefully, the results will not delay to appear. You can even transform them in profitable products.

Smart methods of using stickers for brand promotion

As mentioned above, stickers have a great advantage, namely versatility meaning that you can place them almost anywhere because they will bring solid support to your promotional campaign. Apart from creating an eye-catching design on, you can also add useful and relevant information, such as contact details, key products or services that will reach out to customers. Use all the creative resources available in order to come up with stickers that will stand out while making a bold statement. Since you are running a business, you probably spend most of the time on the road and you can take advantage of this by bringing stickers to exhibitions and trade shows. If you want to increase sales, you can add stickers on the products with messages like “buy one, get two”. Every buyer will direct his attention towards your products.