There are many people who say that there are too many things that they have to keep on their desk. Thus, there is no wonder that it looks cluttered and they think that it is very difficult to find something when they need. But in order to help you, here is a list of some things that you should keep on your desk and others that you should put on your on your office cabinet.

Your rubber stamps

The rubber stamp is probably one of the tools that you use in most of the cases for your documents. But, there is also true that can be more than just one stamp. The best advice that we can offer you, in order to keep your desk organised, is to choose only those that you use more often. On the other hand, there is also an important aspect that you should consider: a modern business company usually uses personalised self-inking rubber stamps. If you do not have such stamp already, you should take actions. Choose waterproof types and go for colours like blue or black.

Some business cards

Business cards are more important that you think. If your office is also the place where you meet your clients or your business partners, you should make sure that you have some business cards on hand. They help the others keep in touch with you. But, do not forget to make sure that all the important details are written on these small pieces of papers. For example, do not ignore the contact details because, without them, the business cards are just useless.

Your office agenda and your favourite pen

Are you that kind of person who has to take notes in order to make sure that she or he keeps everything in mind? Well, if the answer is yes, you are allowed to keep your work agenda on your desk. Also, if you are that kind of superstitious person and you have to a lucky pen which is used for signing the contracts, you should keep it on your desk too.

Other things that should not be kept on your desk:

  • Papers and files. If you have the necessary space, you can put them on the shelves of your office or you can transform the storage closet into an archive room.
  • Your cup of coffee. After you finish your coffee, you can put it somewhere else.
  • A pen holder with many pencils, pens and other similar things.
  • Post notes. If you do not really use them, you can leave them aside.
  • Other notebooks and agendas.