Infrared technology first started as a means of remote communication that enabled people to access a certain device from a distance. In short terms, infrared technology has been used in making remote controls for home appliances like TVs, VCRs, or automated doors. This was the most popular use of infrared technology and was the start of a field that promised to bring many enhancements. Later, infrared technology began to be more popular and its applications became more various. Discover below the amazing evolution of infrared technology and all the ways in which it nowadays improves your life.

Infrared technology and the security cameras

Infrared technology is widely used in designing security camera systems due to its ability to detect items in the dark. Cameras that feature IR LEDs manage to capture images even when the light level is extremely low, which makes them very efficient in the surveillance field. Nowadays, you can rarely see a security camera system that doesn’t feature infrared vision because this option became indispensable.

Infrared technology is used in building saunas

Most people are familiar with the regular saunas that use wood burning heaters and water to create high temperatures and a powerful steam designed to make the sauna session a true oasis of relaxation. What few people know is that modern saunas now use infrared technology to create the same high temperatures with the advantage of a more comfortable and beneficial heat. The far infrared carbon heaters used in modern saunas emit a wide spectrum of light that penetrates the body tissue in depth, thus increasing the benefits of a sauna session.

The medical uses of infrared technology

The infrared technology has also been considered to be useful in the medical field and various scientists discovered its abilities to penetrate the human tissue and to detect blood vessels. Various devices feature infrared light that enables doctors to see through a patient’s skin during a surgery in order to detect blood vessels and to avoid cutting them. Such devices have turned out to be essential in discovering the blood vessels and avoiding surgery accidents that often occurred due to the inability of surgeons to avoid them.

Infrared heaters based on infrared technology

Another field where the infrared technology started to become very popular is the heating systems field where infrared technology turned out to be more effective than other heating methods. Given that the infrared light emits a pleasant warmth, it has been used in designing heaters that increase the indoor temperatures without requiring too much electricity.