When it comes to laundry, we all know how annoying this job can be. However, it is something that we must do for our entire life, and therefore, we must find a clever way to make the whole process extremely enjoyable. With the following smart gadgets and appliances for your laundry, you will certainly achieve your goal with ease.

Samsung Ecobubble WW9000 washing machine

You will probably be surprised to see that in this washing machine is not a detergent drawer. Instead, you will actually need to fill up the internal dispensers with both detergent and fabric conditioner as well, and then, the washing machine will dispense the right amount during the whole washing process. A clever feature is that you can control the device via your Smartphone. For example, if you want, you can just put your clothes inside the unit, and set it to start the next day at a specific time, which is without a doubt amazing. The cleaning performance of Samsung Ecobubble WW9000 washing machine is definitely a very good one, which will be to your liking. All in all, this device deserves to be on this list with the smart gadgets and appliances for your laundry.

Samsung DV457 clothes dryer

The most amazing feature of this machine is that you can actually control it by using your smartphone. You can connect your device to the dryer via WiFi, and once you have done this you can control with ease all the desired settings, which is without a doubt very clever. This electric dryer comes with a ”Wrinkle Away” setting, which once is activated it will remove most of the wrinkles from your clothes, which actually means that you will not need to iron most of your clothes anymore. Therefore, you will have a lot more free time to spend with your family. Samsung DV457 clothes dryer is energy efficient, so you can confidently use it as many times as you want, without being afraid that you will pay a large amount of money on the energy bill. All in all, this machine is extremely smart and you should definitely own it in order to have an easier life.

J-2000 Jiffy garment steamer

If you hate ironing, then you must definitely go for an innovative and smart device like J-2000 Jiffy that is rated as the best clothes steamer on steamer.clothing, a website where you can analyze the most efficient clothes steamers available on the market. According to the comparison you will find on steamer.clothing, this wonderful garment steamer is a lot easier to maneuver than an ordinary iron, and it will provide you wonderful results in a short time. The unit heats up in about two minutes, and it will offer 1.5 hour steam time per filling, which is enough time to iron lots of your clothing. J-2000 Jiffy comes with a 3-year warranty, and it is absolutely fantastic.