The main differences between the two alternatives are related to the quality of the impressions and the time in which the ink wears off. However, there are several similarities between the two, and those consist that both a self ink stamp and a pre inked stamp are refillable and come in various colours. However, while the self-inkers use a water-based ink, the pre inked ones come oil-based ink. But, the self-inked ones do offer great impressions on a budget. None of the above is recommended to be used on shiny surfaces, those requiring fast drying stamps. However, let’s analyse below what are the benefits of each of those, and which one of them is the best alternative.

They are both easy to customise. If you work with the right company

And this makes your stamps a great marketing tool. You already put them on official papers, why wouldn’t they come with the most inventive designs? Make sure you discuss with the vendor your options, and maybe they are able to offer design services as well. This weight a lot no matter the branch you activate in, because business is competitive regardless of it.  

Self-inked stamps maintain a great quality for longer

And while marketing tries to make us buy the “fact” that pre-inked stamps work wonders and self-inked ones offer a poor impression quality, this is not true. Users of both styles confirm that self-inked ones have a longer life span, provide great impressions, and the rubber wears off in much longer time than the rubber of the pre-inked ones.

Self-inked stamps start at low prices

Starting at $ 5, even very small companies can enjoy a high quality product. This is because certain manufacturers take into account the necessity to create budget stamps. Especially for businesses in an incipient form, it might be hard to find the resources to spend plenty of money with such products. Of course, if you want customised stamps, the price will increase a little, but it will still remain under the price of the pre-inked stamps.  

Look for a company able to offer fast services

In business, having a stamp is important because it has to be put on all legal documents. No matter you opt for a customised version of a self-inked stamp or a regular one, it is important to have it manufactured in a timely fashion so you will be able to start your work. Make sure you read some reviews on the companies on the market that provide such services and only work with them if they have a good reputation.

These are a couple of advantages of choosing a self-inked stamp. As you can see, although many claim that the other version is a better one, this is exclusively a marketing approach of companies that have such products for retail. Don’t listen to everything you hear, and make sure you order an affordable, yet great version of a stamp!