The efficiency of a space cooler or heater is based on the yield they provide while managing to keep the energy consumption low because no one wants to use a heater or cooler that will make their energy bills blow. Therefore, you must find a good device that will offer great results without increasing your electricity consumption, such as the ones we suggest below.

Infrared heaters

The infrared heater is based on radiant heat emitted by the device but not into the air but towards a certain object or body in a room. Similar to how the sun heats your body, the infrared heaters sends a heat wave towards your body in order to allow you to absorb heat. This is why a room heated with an infrared heater has warm beds, chairs, and sheets and not a warm air that could easily be lost when you open the door. Infrared heaters are great energy savers because they use little energy to create an efficient heat and most units include a thermostat that turns them, off when the desired temperature has been reached.

Micathermic heaters

This type of heater uses a combination of a radiant element and a convection element that offer a great performance in heating the room you place it in. The radiant heating coils are placed underneath the mica sheet which is a mineral that handles heat very well. When the coils receive power, they start to create infrared radiation that heats the mica which in return warms the air around it and pushes it out into the room. This heater manages to heat up very fast so the air is warmed immediately, thus reducing energy waste.

Tower fans

For cooling the air, the best choice is a tower fan and the tests of are proof of the quality and reliability of these room fans that boast an interesting shape and come with an oscillating feature that maximizes their performance in spreading cool air on a wide surface. A close look at the ratings and reviews you can read on the website will reveal the efficiency of these items.  Unlike other fans that use large blades to circulate the air, tower fans use several small fans placed along the tall housing in order to increase the air spreading area. Plus, they rotate around their own axis so they manage to send cool air to a wider area without using too much electricity.

Evaporative cooling fans

This is an innovative device that cools the air through the evaporation of water. They drag warm moist air and run it through a series of dry pads that absorb the water from the air, resulting in dry and cool air. They are eco-friendly, healthy, and cost-effective space coolers that can significantly lower the indoor temperatures.