Keeping the ideal indoor air humidity is not only essential for creating a comfortable living environment, but it can also influence your health, which is why it’s important to find the best ways to interfere with the changes in air moisture. Luckily for you, nowadays you don’t have to boil water in order to increase the air moisture nor you have to create air drafts to reduce air moisture. Trust the latest modern gizmos that can help you easily adjust the indoor air humidity to the perfect level.

Sunpentown Mini Dehumidifier SD-350

It’s easy to maintain the proper level of humidity with this sleek and slim dehumidifier that can easily integrate into any home interior design. Although it’s extremely compact, this advanced gadget uses a thermo-electric technology called Peltier that makes it very silent in operating. This feature makes it the perfect choice for nurseries, bedrooms, and offices while the compact shape is great for narrow areas like closets. Thanks to the transparent water tank that holds up to two liters of water, you can forget about often emptying. Also, the device automatically turns off when the tank is full so there is no risk of spilling. Available in a combination of black and silver and with a convenient carry handle, this dehumidifier is the best embodiment of style and technology.

Dyson Humidifier AM 10

On the other side, you might need to add some moisture to the room so a humidifier will come in handy when the humidity levels get too low. In this case, you can also rely on the help of a modern and advanced gizmo such as the Dyson humidifier that operates using an innovative and unique technology that kills bacteria in the air while adding it moisture. This device sucks the air through its inlets and sends it through the thermostat and humidistat incorporated to it so it takes the exact measurements of the air humidity. This way, it knows exactly how much moisture to add so that the air will stay at the right humidity level. Thanks to the 3-liter tank at the base, the humidifier can work for up to 18 hours without needing a refill and it features a timer so you can decide for how long it will operate. Dyson is a great investment that will turn out to be useful all your year round as it can work as a cooling fan in hot days of summer when humidifying the air is not necessary.