If you think about the most prominent tech products in the past years, levitating speakers are definitely one of these. They are not only extremely stylish and beautiful, but they are also very performing, offering users the highest level of sound quality. While some time ago, the idea that a speaker can float in the air, hover above its own base and be wirelessly connected to another device via Bluetooth seemed to be too complex, it has become reality some years ago. These small yet powerful gadgets have set a milestone for innovation in music, design and technology. Experts claim that levitating speakers sound significantly better than traditional ones, since the sound is not blocked on any side. In case you are interested in buying such a device, you can visit levitating-speaker.com, a dedicated platform offering reliable reviews about the most trending products.

Why is this speaker so popular?

To begin with, the main reason why the floating speaker has managed to gain so much popularity so fast is that it is the best of breed in terms of sound and design. It is the first time when manufacturers have put such a fantastic effort to create a commercial product that is actually accessible to any buyer. Initially, levitation seemed something extremely complicated and mysterious, so the existence of a concrete item based on this principle made everyone curious. Just think about having a sphere hovering above your desk, playing music – the idea is absolutely irresistible. Floating speakers’ breakthrough is due to this futuristic technology, which also enables products to look very stylish and neat. However, in spite of the complex technology that stands behind levitating speakers, prices are quite competitive. The fact that a lot of people can afford to purchase such a gadget is one more reason that justifies its popularity.

How are floating speakers created?

Some people claim it is a mere illusion, while others say the ball is somehow suspended in the air. At first sight, you may even think levitating speakers work through magic. And for good reason, as there seems to be no way an object can fight gravity and just float around. Actually, it can, by the means of magnetic levitation. Here is how it works. The product is normally made of two parts: one has to be placed on a flat surface and works as a base, while the other needs to remain above the base, in the air. Both of these components have an integrated magnet that enables them to stay one close to the other, even against gravity. These two parts of the speaker make a perfect team, although the upper component can be also used without the supporting base. However, it is obvious that for a more spectacular effect and even for better sound quality, people will always prefer an anti-gravity device. Although people tend to neglect the technology behind floating speakers, you will get to value the product even more once you understand how it has been created.