Video games are the IT thing these days. Your future takes pride in these games. No matter what people might be thinking or saying about this phenomenon, it is clear to everyone that video games will end up ruling people, thus controlling the world. However, this doesn’t have to be interpreted as a modern tragedy. Growing up with video games is not exactly a great misfortune. It could very well be a chance. Take a look at one of the most popular video games on the planet, League of Legends. This is a phenomenon in itself and this is clear to everyone. This video game might seem like all others, but the truth is that all others are as League of Legends. This is the order one should remember. Keep in mind that League of Legends is a video game appreciated by 100 million people. This is an impressive number. There are 100 million people from all corners of the world that try to defeat each other on the LOL arena. What makes this video game be so special? What makes connected websites such as have such success? Here are the secrets behind one of the greatest video games of all times.

The visuals


This video game likes making statements. If you look at the visuals of LOL you will instantly notice this aspect. The purpose of the game is to introduce the player in a completely new and enchanting world and quite frankly it does so. With dedicated and skilled designers, this game manages, through its art, to create an unlimited world of fantasy, mysticism and tales. This is a fantasy world 100% and all the characters, the settings, the details tell a story. Thanks to the greatly made visuals, LOL manages to disconnect the player from the known, real world and introduce him or her to a world of fantasy, wonder, adventure and competition.


The story


If you are going to make a new world for players to take refuge in, then you need to start with a story. League of Legends has plenty of it. Although experienced players might hurry to say that other video games have well-constructed stories, the truth is that LOL comes with a complete package. Top stories are perfectly mixed with top visual art, managing to create a world that stands on its own, a world that welcomes players and intrigues them.


Always a challenge


You have story and design but in order to set yourself apart from other video games, which come in a surprisingly large number, you need the challenge. League of Legends has gained a high level of popularity, because it manages to challenge its players. People playing this video game never know what is going to come next. This is the IT detail that makes the difference. LOL keeps its players wondering what the next challenge will be, what the next episode is going to be about. Being under pressure really help player to disconnect themselves from real problem and hide in a world of fantasy where they can suppress their emotions. LOL is a fantastic game, because everyone needs a break, an imaginary world to escape in.