Technology is helping businesses of all kinds in various ways, and hair salon managers certainly know the practical advantages brought by these apps, their benefits go farther than being able to make appointments in a simplistic, yet highly efficient fashion or managing the stocks with success. The tangential benefits offered by these apps are from the customer satisfaction sphere, which may contribute to your marketing and advertising strategy. Below we have some ways in which apps like will boost your marketing capabilities.

1. Make you unique approach known on social media

You may have a tool that is helping you to provide a flawless customer experience and to work in perfect parameters. But you must take advantage of it and advertise your unique approach to all social media channels that you have: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This will increase your popularity on the local market, because, first of all, potential customers may be intrigued by the whole idea of a business held with untraditional means; without an appointment book or without unknown stocks; without delays and without forgotten appointments. There is the novelty factor that may motivate new clients to pass by and you must take full advantage of it.

2. Improved customer service

As you may already know a salon scheduling app will allow you to easily make appointments, regardless the outlet used. They are suitable for laptops, PCs, tablets and even smartphones. This allows hair salon managers to be able to continuously update their appointments and never forget about a client or another. This is able to boost your client’s confidence in your services, just as it is the fact that you can manage the stocks in no time and find out before your appointments reach your salon, which products you are running low on. This way, no unpleasant surprises will appear, and you will always have happy customers. This is one of the main reasons for which consumers choose the services of a salon and not another and these apps are a great way to increase your customers’ loyalty levels.

3. Give a more personal touch to your services

Smart apps like the one mentioned in the beginning have a dedicated section where hairdressers or hair salon managers can take notes on each client: their favourite haircuts, hair colours, favourite discussion topics and topics which must be avoided. This way, each client will feel that they are special and that they matter to your salon and the staff. This will increase the levels of satisfaction of your clients, and the probability of them to recommend your facility to family and friends also increases. Giving a personal touch to your services is the key to success in the industry, just like flawless services.

These are three ways in which a hair salon scheduling app may help you improve your marketing approach. It’s not always about the ads, sometimes is more about an increased sense of trust that you give to your clients.