The question of the moment is why is branding so important? Well, before trying to find out why is branding important for companies, you should try to find what it is. Branding goes beyond the graphic element of a company when you think about branding you have in mind the customer experience, and this means the website, logo, and social media experiences. When you analyze this definition of branding, you may find it overwhelming, because it expands on different levels. In short, you have to know that brand is the way your clients perceive your company. It is crucial for businesspersons to be aware of the brand experience they offer and to have a plan to create a great experience for their customers. In this article, you will find some examples of great branding you can inspire from.

Why is Nike seen as the king of branding?

Nike is amazing when we talk about many things, they manufacture quality shoes, supply gear and equipment for different collegiate and professional athletic teams, and they make a lot of money. But where they truly excel is their marketing. So what Nike have done to become so popular? Well, they associated their products with big names as Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, and Cristiano Ronaldo. And they do not limit to this, they also understand how to impress their customers, they constantly innovate, tinker and push the envelope to design advertising campaigns people talk about. Nike is a brand that never has been afraid to take its chances when it came to advertising.

What makes Irish Luck so famous?

Well, it may be the luck of the Irish, but if it were to make a thorough research, we would see that they have managed to become a well-known brand in their industry. The Irish Luck is considered one of the tops slot games, and more and more users try it daily. But what makes it a great brand? When you access bingo sites with Irish Luck you will notice that they have worked a lot to build an amazing user-friendly interface, and people simply prefer this type of design, rather than any other one. If it were to associate its design with something, that would be the Emerald Island, because the reels of the slot machine feature a great variety of symbols connected with this place. The design features four leafed clovers, mugs of beer and golden coins, so what else would a slot player want?

What makes Coca Cola a worldwide known company?

There is no other brand in the world more recognizable than Coca Cola. They found the key to success and they come with some iconic marketing strategies. They opt for simplicity, they have never distanced from their basic and timeless ideas. Coca Cola message remained strong and effective through years, pleasure is important when it comes to drinks. And they make sure that the personalize their products, so they speak to their clients at a more localized and personal level. Every country’s offering is customized to the local language and culture, and the bottles and cans feature popular names of regions on them. This may be the key to success for Coca Cola. Keep it simple and personal.