Home automation refers to making your home smarter by using gadgets and appliances that can be connected to the internet so you can access them using your smartphone or computer. A great feature f home automation is that it increases the level of security of your home by offering you the chance to control your safety devices from a distance. Discover below everything you need to know about home automation regarding the security level of your home.

Smart door locks that can be accessed via the internet

Instead of using regular door locks that can be easily broken, home automation suggests using smart door locks that are more secure and don’t pose the risk of breaking into. These locks work using an advanced technology based on a digit code that you must enter every time you want to get in and out of your house. The smart lock is connected to your smartphone using either a WiFi or a Bluetooth connection so it sends you alerts in case someone tries to break into your home. Moreover, smart door locks allow you to control the lights and appliances in your house so you can turn them on and off whenever you need to without being at home.

Security camera systems with remote access

A home with a security camera installed is more secure because the camera systems offer all the necessary features to make you feel protected. The security cameras connected to home automation allow you to access them from a distance, turn them on and off when necessary and watch the recorded images while you are away from home. In addition, the software used by the security cameras allow you to connect other devices to the cameras so you can have access to the lighting system, the heating system, or the appliances plugged in. You can use your smartphone to control all these devices in your home so you can rest assured knowing that you can keep an eye on every item at home.

Internet controllers for garage door openers

Home automation also allows you to control your garage door opener if it includes a controller that uses an internet connection. Such a controller can be installed on most garage door openers so you won’t have to replace the entire device in case you want to enjoy home automation on your garage door. They are compatible with most Android and iOS gadgets and include a door sensor that alerts you when the garage door has been closed or opened. With this controller, you can also have access to other smart devices in your home such as door locks, thermostats, or lighting.