Designing an app for either phone or tablet can take months and sometimes even years and choosing the logo to present to the world is as important as the backend – the business logic of the application. When browsing through thousands of apps in the online store, the customers say that the logo and icon are often the reason they want to check out one particular app and the more professional it looks, the more credibility it brings.

But what are the most important things to keep in mind when designing a logo for your app and what are the things to avoid?


  1. Listen to the customers’ opinion: Carry on some research before you start designing, to see what customers are more attracted to. Look through the customer’s opinions on apps similar to yours and find out what draws them to the app, in terms of image and use their opinion to your advantage.
  2. Keep it simple: When designing a logo for a mobile or tablet app, forget complex details, as due to the size of the screen, they are often hard to read and make the design unappealing to the customer.
  3. Pay attention to font and colors: As mentioned in the tip above, the difference between creating a logo for a website and creating one for a mobile app is particularly the limited screen size. The fonts that work best for apps are wide, easily readable and with few edges.
  4. Ask for professional support: You spent numerous hours working on the app and sometimes you may experience a bit of a creativity block when designing the image that is going to best represent. That’s not a problem, as there are many logo design specialists that can help you with your struggle, like


  1. Stop following trends: Trends don’t always work in our favor when trying to distinguish from a sea of minimalist-one letter images we see in all the icons and logos of big brands nowadays. Although the simple aesthetic may work for some apps, following the same trend might just make your work blend in with the others.
  2. Don’t copy: There’s no issue in getting inspiration from the thousand ideas that circulate on the internet, especially with the on growing jasa bikin logo market, but don’t lose your originality and stick to the brand image you first established, as to stand out you must remember to distinguish yourself from the competition; not to mention the legal problems you might face when copying someone’s work.
  3. Don’ lose the purpose of your app: When creating the logo design, keep in mind the intent your app was designed for and choose an aesthetic that best suits your product.
  4. Don’t use raster images: Raster images are made of pixels and they can not be scaled to any size, and with different types of screen sizes, from phones to tablets, it may look blurry and unprofessional. Choose vector graphics instead, as they can be easily scaled.