If simply running on a treadmill isn’t tempting enough, you can try some fitness equipment that you can connect to Google Earth and experience exercising outdoors. Discover below some cool devices that can allow you to exercise in places you dream of.

NordicTrack x7i Interactive incline treadmill

If you dream of running on a high mountain or you wish to see the beautiful streets of a town in Chine, you can do it using the NordicTrack treadmill that can take you any place you want using Google Earth. This equipment downloads maps over a WiFi connection so you can run in different places around the world. Plus, the treadmill raises and lowers itself so you can experience the bumps on the roads or the rough heights of mountains. As you run on a treadmill, the screen will scroll the maps and show you images of the route selected so you will be distracted from the pain you might feel while running.

Concept2 PM3 rowing machine

This smart rowing machine uses an application that connects it to a device through a USB cable so you can access Google Earth and choose to row down a river to make your workout routine more interesting. The app will show a view of the river as your row so you can enjoy a gorgeous view without leaving your home. You can choose a boat icon to show your position, you can keep an eye on your rowing track, and you can analyze your speed and distance. If rowing in your living room is boring, try rowing down the Grand Canyon, in Venice, or in the Atlantic Ocean.

Run on Earth app to connect to your fitness equipment

If you already have a fitness equipment that doesn’t include a Google Earth feature, you can also use the motivation offered by worldwide exercising with an app called Run on Earth. This app uses Google Earth to set routes across the globe so you can run in any place you like from the intimacy of your home. You simply choose a starting point and the app will create a custom route or you can change the path to add your favorite locations. The app will adjust the exercising parameters according to the fitness equipment you are using. You can choose from three different views that offer you a clear image of the places you choose to exercise in. With this app that can be connected to elliptical bikes, treadmills, rowing machines or indoor cycle trainer, you can enjoy intense workouts while admiring the beauty of places all around the world.