Choosing and comparing phone deals is a rather daunting task, but necessary at the same time. With so many choices and options, for most users, it is difficult to make a fast choice that suits their necessities. Luckily, some great tips from the experts will help you compare various phone deals with ease.

Do you need a phone with your monthly subscription plan?

Most users already have a mobile phone from their previous carrier subscription plans. If you find yourself in a similar position, it isn’t necessary to invest in a newer device already. Of course, tech savvy individuals will debate over this, but for light and moderate users, their old devices still do wonders. Make sure that you have a device that still allows software updates, if you want to preserve the security and integrity of the data stored in it. If you still don’t need to invest in a new phone, then you can go ahead and invest in a 3G SIM only deal.

How do I select the best SIM only deal?

This depends entirely on your calling, texting and data habits. If you are a light user, go for the lowest offer. In many cases, these offers increase gradually in their price with the number of texts and calls as well as mobile Internet data included. If you come to a conclusion that the lowest deal isn’t suitable for your needs you can switch up to a bigger plan without any fuss. The extreme users will have the opportunity to invest in a deal with 12GB data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for approximately 13 pounds a month, which is more than advantageous, if we take into account the charges of various carriers selling mobile subscriptions with phones included for approximately 30 ponds a month. Heavy and extreme users tend to be those that watch plenty of high definition videos and that use their mobile data with increased frequency. For lower usage, experts recommend a plan suitable for low and medium users.

What if I still need/want a new phone?

Some entities that sell 3G SIM cards also retail mobile phones with monthly fees that are under your regular carrier subscription plan. This option is far more advantageous, if we take into account all the costs involved by investing in a SIM card and a phone at the same time. Also, the options you can choose from are generous, from old-school devices, to high-tech ones. For instance, certain companies have a variety of Samsung smartphones, as well as a generous variety of iPhones. If you still need a device, this option is certainly worth your attention.

These are some smart tips to take into account when comparing various deals for phones. Make sure to assess your need for a new device with care, pick a monthly plan that suits your needs and if you still need a new device, don’t run to the first carrier. Simply explore the other options that you have.