If you have a pool, you know how hard it is to keep it clean and safe for you and your loved ones to use it. It’s a time-consuming task that is tiring as well. Therefore, if you want to be able to maintain it clean without putting any effort in it, use one of the clever robotic pool cleaners with amazing features described in the following lines.

iRobot Mirra 530

For the price of $1000, you can use the amazing iRobot Mirra 530 robotic pool cleaner to clean the water and surfaces of your pool. As all the products manufactured by iRobot, the Mirra 530 model provides quality and durability. It’s designed for any type of in-ground pool. Due to the fact that it doesn’t use your pool’s main filtration system in the process, this model helps prolong the filter’s life. It pumps and filters up to 70 gallons of water per minute. With the use of its PVC scrubbing brush, it will thoroughly clean the pool’s walls, floor, and steps. It is able to remove bacteria as small as 2 microns. The 60-foot power cord makes the model perfect for large pools. The best part is that all you have to do in the cleaning process of this robotic pool cleaner is to press the start button. The rest will be dealt with by the unit.

Hayward TigerShark QC RC9990CUB

The stylish and efficient Hayward TigerShark QC RC9990CUB can be yours for the price of $1000. What makes this robotic pool cleaner a real catch is the fact that it offers a fast 90-minute quick clean cycle. It runs separately from the pool’s main filtration system to reduce the frequency of filter backwash cycles. The unique cartridge system of this model makes it easy to empty the debris that it collects. The built-in 24V motor is designed to use less energy while running. Therefore, it’s an energy efficient model as well. In addition, the on-board pump provides intense vacuum power in order to suck up small particles of dirt and debris.

Polaris 9450 Sport

For the reasonable price of $1050, you can use the Polaris 9450 Sport robotic pool cleaner to deal with cleaning your pool’s water and surfaces. This model has an interesting and unique design. The Vortex Vacuum technology that it uses provides 25% more vacuum power and 4 times more debris capacity than other models on the market. The 7-day programmable timer is fully customizable and it allows you to set the desired cleaning modes. In addition, the ActivMotion Sensor automatically controls the robot’s position at all times. It allows for a complete cleaning coverage without any hang ups.