Taking care of your lawn implies a lot of hard work but if you rely on the help of the best gadgets and tools, your effort and time spend will be significantly reduced. Here are some of the most efficient gardening tools and gadgets that you can use for all year round yard maintenance.

Craftsman 190cc lawn mower

You can’t perform lawn maintenance without the help of a great lawn mower like this Craftsman model that can have your lawn looking perfectly with minimum effort, according to the review written by BestLawnmowers.reviews that states the efficiency and smoothness in operating of this machine. This walk-behind gas mower is fast, powerful, and can cut grass at an even height due to the height adjustment setting. You simply pull the red lever at each wheel and pivot and the machine will adjust its cutting height. The dual trigger handle allows you to select from multiple speed levels and the lawn mower enables for bagging, mulching and discharging.

Snow Joe SJ621 snow blower

The lawn requires maintenance even in the winter when the snow covers it entirely and it’s up to you to remove it from the ground. Instead of going for the snow shovel, try this efficient snow blower that is very easy to handle and extremely powerful. It can remove up to 650 pounds of snow per minute and it handles layers of snow 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep. The snow removed is then thrown up to 20 feet away through an adjustable chute. It comes with a halogen light so you can use it regardless natural light.

Havahart Spray Away Elite II sprinkler

Watering your lawn is a must all year round and this smart sprinkler will help you water it while keeping rodents away. It’s a solar-powered sprinkler with a motion sensor that activates it every time it senses a small creature on the lawn. It can detect cats, rabbits, and raccoons from 35 feet away and it automatically releases water to keep intruders off your lawn. In order to limit water waste, the sprinkler only uses three cups of water per spray and can cover 1,900 sq. ft.

Lawn Care Garden aerator sandals

It’s known that the lawn requires aeration and that you have to perform it yourself in order to allow air and nutrients to reach deep into the soil. These sandals are great for aerating the soil while you walk so you can perform two tasks at one. Not only will you stay active but you will also aerate the soil to make your lawn look better.